Pastor Mark, California, 7/2016

Jacqueline has been a great support to my wife and I in terms of encouragement, guidance and counsel in the area of health and wellness. She has inspired us to re-evaluate our lifestyle and we are all the better for it today. We met her at church and her warm personality, genuineness and infectious passion won us over immediately.

I was struggling with bad eating choices, chronic fatigue and poor digestive health. She worked with me and applied different testing methods such as Iridology and the Zyto system. Jacqueline has also patiently walked our family and different church friends through classes and lessons in food preparation and choices, menus, cleansing and detoxification regimens as well as different appropriate exercises.

We’ve experienced excellent improvement as a result of her help. My digestive problems are almost entirely resolved. I have much more energy and stamina and am getting better every day. She provided me with the right recommendations customized to my needs, addressing not just the physical issues, but root causes that have to do with the mind, and emotions/spirit as well. Others among us have also had improvements in the area of weight loss, cleansing, increased energy, fungal rashes and sleep to name a few.

We count it as a huge gain to have met Jacqueline and we know that this selected career path is her gift and calling.

Jacqui, California, 2014 

Thank you for sharing your raw vegan wisdom & tips with us. You have opened my eyes to a whole new world & I’m enjoying it so much! To our health!

Courtney, Nevada, 5/2014

Audrey, Texas, 5/2014

“I met Jacqueline on a mission trip in Uganda, Africa a few years back. One thing that I noticed about Jacqueline is how she seemed to glow, I could see that her health was optimal just by looking at her. I have always been a very active person, but after my second child I didn’t have the time or energy to care for myself and became a victim of “convenience foods”. In addition, many family members were dying, I became severely depressed. I suffered with addictions, stress, and extreme fatigue, my health was literately depleted.

I remember Jacqueline made me a green drink and feeling how it instantaneously filled me with energy, I felt my body saying ” this is what you need”. I had no idea how to eat healthy and never knew about raw food and how much power it has over healing addictions, fatigue, depression, and all the damage done over years. I prayed to God for healing and know that he has guided me to loving whole foods made by him, not man! I’m so thankful God placed Jacqueline in my life to help me understand that this is the path to life, at least a part of it. I believe food is our medicine, therefore understanding the power of it’s abilities is God’s intention. I picture the garden of Eden and how it must have be filled with every fruit bearing tree, lush and full of life. I have now slowly transitioned to eating raw 90% of the time. I have seen my eyes literally become clearer, my energy is back, I have smoother skin. Anybody that needs healing needs to understand that healing comes in time, not a magical pill. I’m not against medicine as it is sometimes needed, however, I believe that the body has tremendous power to heal itself. For me it all started with prayer of healing, good luck, and best health to all!”

Proverbs 6:23 For the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light; and reproofs of instruction are the way of life.

Marisa, Nevada, 2/2013

“Prior to meeting Jacqueline I was on a path of becoming a vegetarian and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle for my child and myself. I was learning so much about the raw vegan ways and so much more right before Jacqueline came into my life. I met her and talked to her about so much stuff that I was just learning and learned that she was living this raw vegan lifestyle. We then became friends and she taught me so much and answered all of my questions I asked her. She prepared raw vegan food for my office and I and everyone absolutely loved her food. I attended a raw vegan demonstration that she put on and was able to sample some of her foods and drinks. I took my mom with me and we both really enjoyed everything we sampled.

I also have a cousin who recently found out that he has cancer, so I reached out to Jacqueline for advice on things he could do. She gave me quite a few suggestions and I passed them along to him.I thank Jacqueline for showing me some of these new ways and for giving me so much advice. I have chosen to add some of these ways into my family’s lifestyle. I know I am a healthier person because of her advice and I know that my child will grow up to know these ways as well.”