Dr. Jacqueline Pascual, D.N.M., H.E.D., C.P.T.

When Dr. Jacqueline was a child she wanted to be a doctor. That thought left her mind with the thought of dealing with blood, and it did not come back until over 20 years later. At the age of nine, her father passed away from esophageal cancer that spread throughout his lungs and bones. She saw him suffocate on oxygen tanks. This tragic event left her family in despair. She never dealt with the emotional pain until she was 24 years old and was seeking how to live the best life that she could live.  She quit the high paying job in the Las Vegas night life that she worked relentlessly for, got rid of much of her belongings and traveled around the world for a year to become an expert on how to live life to the fullest, while documenting her journey in book that she hopes to publish one day.

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Madison Massie, Naturopathic Assistant

Madison Massie is currently am a student at the college of southern Nevada who will graduate from UNLV with a B.S in nutrition. While being on her own personal health journey, she found a passion inside herself to gain as much knowledge about holistic healing as she can so that she may share these treasures with others. She assists Dr. Jacqueline to help prospective and current clients with questions and administrative work.